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During the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival, Kien Giang Bakery makes their mooncakes fresh dailyIt is made, packaged, and shipped directly from our bakery in Los Angeles fresh to you.


Since Kien Giang Bakery bakes their mooncakes daily, our inventory changes every day. If the item states "Unavailable", please check back within the next few days when we restock the item. 


*All orders received BY 2 pm PST (Monday through Friday) will be shipped out the same day that order was received. 

All orders received AFTER 2 pm PST Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday will be shipped out the following Monday. 

For a full list of the Kien Giang Bakery Mooncakes sold in-store, click here.  


Hope you all had a

Happy 2023 Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival!

See you here again in August 2024!

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